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  •  Visits allowing plenty of time for questions and answers – 30-60 min.

  •  Discussions to explore and help resolve concerns you and your family may have.

  •  Encouragement and practical suggestions for good nutrition and make healthy lifestyle choice.

  •  Full information about any recommended tests, procedures or treatments so you can make informed choices about your care.

  •  Individualized education, counseling, and prenatal care identifying and referring women who fall outside his/her scope of practice. 



  •  Both mother and baby are monitored closely during labor, birth and the postpartum period

  •  We encourage effective and adequate ways to manage and cope with labor, such as: massage, heating pads, warm shower or tub baths, cold applications, nourishment, varying positions, emotional support, relaxation, and breathing techniques. 

  •  We honor “the golden hour” while ensuring the safety of mother and baby. 

  •  Baby receives full newborn exam while offering the standard of care medications.

  •  Multiple Postpartum visits both at home and at HBC


Lactation Services begin with breastfeeding classes during the prenatal period.  One-on-One breastfeeding consults are offered by our very own board-certified lactation consultant or our lactation specialist.


  • Early Pregnancy Classes

  • Birth Preparation Classes

  • Breast Feeding Classes

  • Newborn Care Classes

  • Postpartum Support group

  • And more...


A doula is an important support mechanism for a woman during labor & birth. A doula will be there early on during labor if the laboring woman requests her to be. A doula can provide support while a woman labors at home before deciding to go to the hospital or birth center as well. A doula will be able to tell you if this is “real labor” or not and  make suggestions as when to transition to the place of birth. As labor progresses she will provide comfort techniques such as massage, aromatherapy and a comforting/reassuring voice. The doula will aid in the involvement of the father as well. She will also stay for a few hours after birth to assist in the baby’s first latch and make sure mom and baby are well adjusted before she leaves. Our doulas provide women with 1 prenatal visits and 1 postpartum visit, in addition to your labor support.

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Placenta Encapsulation

  • May deter the onset of postpartum depression

  • Can contribute to an increase of mothers blood levels of a hormone known as CRH, a known stress reducer

  • Balances hormones

  • Increases energy

  • May help to recover more quickly from birth

  • Can also bring the body back into balance

  • May shorten postpartum bleeding

  • Assist the uterus to return to size

  • Often known as “happy pills”

  • May be helpful during menopause

  • Perfectly made for you!

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