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  •  Visits allowing plenty of time for questions and answers – 30-60 min.

  •  Discussions to explore and help resolve concerns you and your family may have.

  •  Encouragement and practical suggestions for good nutrition and make healthy lifestyle choice.

  •  Full information about any recommended tests, procedures or treatments so you can make informed choices about your care.

  •  Individualized education, counseling, and prenatal care identifying and referring women who fall outside his/her scope of practice. 


  •  Both mother and baby are monitored closely during labor, birth and the postpartum period

  •  We encourage effective and adequate ways to manage and cope with labor, such as: massage, heating pads, warm shower or tub baths, cold applications, nourishment, varying positions, emotional support, relaxation, and breathing techniques. 

  •  We honor “the golden hour” while ensuring the safety of mother and baby. 

  •  Baby receives full newborn exam while offering the standard of care medications.

  •  Multiple Postpartum visits both at home and at HBC


Lactation Services begin with breastfeeding classes during the prenatal period.  One-on-One breastfeeding consults are offered by our very own board-certified lactation consultant or our lactation specialist.


  • Early Pregnancy Classes

  • Birth Preparation Classes

  • Breast Feeding Classes

  • Newborn Care Classes

  • Postpartum Support group

  • And more...

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