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Owner & Licensed Midwife


Debbie Marin - Headshot.jpg

Debbie is the owner of Hollywood Birth Center and has been a licensed midwife since 1995. Debbie has been instrumental in helping to change the midwifery law to allow more licensed midwives to practice in Florida.

She has served as president of the Broward chapter of Friends of Midwives. She wrote a midwifery curriculum that was implemented in a National School of Technology in South Florida and was the clinical director, administrator, teacher and a student in that program. She has dedicated her life to empowering birthing individuals and keeping birth safe. She has two beautiful daughters Ariel and Munirah.

English - She/Her

Licensed Midwife & Lactation Consultant IBCLC


Betty Bilbao- HeadShot.jpg

Cecilia “Betty” Bilbao is native to Cuba but raised in south Florida. She discovered, while in midwifery
school, her maternal great grandmother was a granny midwife and delivered all seven of her
grandchildren. Betty has been a licensed Midwife in the state of Florida since 1999 and has been
attending births since 1996 in Florida and in Jamaica. Betty is also a Board-Certified Lactation
Consultant, IBCLC
Betty loves to teach and has taught Midwifery courses at International Institute for Health Care
Professional School in Boca Raton, FL. She has been precepting midwifery students from various
midwifery schools in Florida. Her passion is empowering birthing individuals through education and her
goals are to guide them through pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting, helping develop trust and
confidence.  Betty is fluent in both English and Spanish. Betty is married with three children, two
grandchildren and various pets.

English & Spanish - She/Her


Licensed Midwife

Viviana Jaramillo - HeadShot.jpg

Viviana Jaramillo is a South Florida native. She’s another descendant of midwifery as her maternal great
grandmother was a midwife in Colombia. She has been in the birth world since 2016 and has attended
births all throughout Florida. She began her education at the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery in
Gainesville, FL. In 2016. She has always been drawn to maternal care that provides autonomy and
holistic care. Viviana has been one of Hollywood birth center’s primary Midwives since 2020. She is
passionate about providing informed consent, educating, and creating a safe space during pregnancy and
labor. On her spare time, Viviana loves to read and explore nature with her 2 dachshunds.


English & Spanish - She/Her


Licensed Midwife

Jorge Urdaneta - HeadShot.jpg

Jorge is from Maracaibo, Venezuela, he formerly practiced as a respected OB/GYN in his native country, working in this specialized field for almost 20 years.

He was also a professor in the University of Zulia who taught about obstetrics and gynecology to new generation of physicians and specialists. However, for personal reason he decided to come to the US and follow a carreer path into Midwifery. Being very knowledgeable and familiar with the field, he felt it would allow him to continue to serve mothers and babies in a compassionate, respectful and peaceful style.

Jorge now lives in South Florida with his family and enjoys walking during sunset and sunrise hours.

English & Spanish - Him/He

Operations Director


Tania Bilbao- Headshot.jpg

Tania Bilbao is a native Floridian who was born and raised in South Miami. She has over 25 years of
combined experience in Operations and HR management. She has worked as an Executive Director in

different industries within the Miami-Dade and Broward areas. Tania is an advocate for self-
empowerment through knowledge. Training, teaching, and problem solving are some of the ways that
she helps to encourage others, whether in or outside of the workplace, to trust one’s own talents and
abilities. Experienced in finding a positive balance between employer and employee as well as client and
facility, continuously searching and striving for ways to improve everyone’s overall experience. Fluent in
English, Spanish and conversational ASL (American Sign Language).

English, Spanish, conversational ASL, French- She/Her


Birth Assistant 

Karen Osborne - HeadShot.jpg

English & ASL


Birth Assistant

Mikah Greensdale - HeadShot.jpg



Birth Assistant

Livi Reyes - HeadShot.jpg

English & Spanish


Insurance Coordinator

Liz Teixeira - HeadShot.jpg

English, Portuguese & Spanish

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